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We extend our gratitude to all of you for your efforts in promoting and participating in this golf classic event which benefits our organization. We want to express our appreciation to Mark Bowen, Kyle Benjamin, Steven Weiss, and the entire team at Kent Island Mechanical for their dedicated work, as well as to the sponsors and golfers who have supported our cause. We are truly thankful for everyone's contributions.

Allow me to provide some insight into CAHA's mission. We are committed to constructing affordable homes that cater to the needs of low and moderate-income families in Calvert County, with a specific focus on assisting families in need, including US Veterans. To accomplish this, our strategy involves securing funding through donor contributions, government support, grants, and loans. Our aim is to ensure that the homes remain genuinely affordable.

It's worth noting that CAHA's intention is not to generate profit from the sale of these homes. Instead, our main emphasis is on facilitating homeownership for low and moderate-income families and advancing the long-term financial stability of the communities we serve in Calvert County.

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