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We at CAHA thank all of you for your efforts in promoting and taking part in this golf classic to benefit our organization. First of all, Thank You to Mark Bowen, Kyle Benjamin, Steven Weiss and all of the employes at Kent Island Mechanical, Inc. for their hard work and all of the sponsors who also supported our cause. We are grateful for everything everyone did.

At CAHA-  Our aim is to construct affordable homes tailored to the needs of low and moderate-income families in Calvert County with the aim of supporting specific families in need, including US Veterans. To achieve this goal, we plan to secure funding through contributions from donors, government support, grants, and loans. However, in order to ensure that the homes remain genuinely affordable, CAHA strives to minimize the loans required for project development.

It's important to note that CAHA does not seek to make a profit from the sale of project homes. Instead, the organization's primary focus lies in facilitating homeownership for low and moderate-income families and promoting the long-term financial well-being of the communities it serves





Calvert Affordable Housing Alliance, Inc. is a non-profit Corporation and shall be operated exclusively to promote affordable housing, financial literacy, and connections to county services that promote economic opportunities for low-income families residing in Calvert County.


The Calvert Affordable Housing Alliance (CAHA) is a local non-profit focused on making a difference, one house at a time.  We are a group of citizens who are familiar with the many efforts over the past two decades to promote the development of affordable housing.  With a historical perspective and knowledge of current best practices, we are actively working with local and state government, along with interested citizens and businesses, to make additional housing opportunities available.  We need a wider variety of housing options for moderate income families, disabled individuals and their families, and young families struggling to obtain housing in Calvert County.

While we might not be a familiar organization to some of you, we invite you to verify our non-profit status with the IRS and the State of Maryland:



We are currently working with land donated to us by the Calvert County Board of County Commissioners to build a house for a disabled veteran and their family.


While some of the costs will be covered by available state and federal funding, we need local donations to help us complete the project. Individuals and businesses can be part of this effort by making a tax-deductible contribution!  In addition, your business will be promoted as a supporter of housing for disabled vets





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Calvert Affordable Housing Alliance, Inc.

480 Main St.

Prince Frederick, MD 20678

Phone: 443-771-8085




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